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⁣This is the second part of KITOU File 014.

I was going to enjoy sleeping, but she's half awake.

He doesn't seem to like it. I thought I was completely in my dream, so I'm going to escalate more and more.

I guess she likes sex too.

I really feel it and escalate.

In the end, I had intense sex.

It's interesting that you fall asleep as soon as it's over.

Do you remember faintly the next day? I was asked, "You had sex yesterday, didn't you?”

When I answered that it was very intense, my face was all red.

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⁣A 19-year-old girl who works for my former client.

You have a chance by asking you to listen to your workplace problems.

He was very attached to me because we were originally able to get along.

On the day of the event, it feels good while drinking alcohol.

I made him drink magic seeds to invite me to sleep and go to the hotel.

I rented two rooms in advance, but when I fell asleep completely, I broke into the room with my card key.

Take a look at the two-hour prank.

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⁣It was supposed to be a fun sleepover with my beloved boyfriend.

But he offers her to me in exchange for money.

She is tied with a blindfold and hands while nurturing love with him.

I, a middle-aged man, will be replaced there.

She says mine that it's his dick.

And then you will have sex in bed as it is.

I was very excited about the replacement sex.

Please take a look at the record.